We Solve Problems

(or… the Symptoms Your See in your Services Organization)

Your Clients Love Your Products, but hate Working with your team

You have clients. A lot of clients. But your clients never seem to want to work with you, or give you feedback, or never have time for chat. Maybe you have a revolving door of project managers whose feedback when they leave is that they don’t know why they’re doing the things they’re doing. That may be because your client facing teams…

  • … aren’t structured properly (or doesn’t exist…), and you have folks who do great work internally working with clients.

  • … .don’t have objectives or measurements specifically geared to build great relationships with your clients, relationships that can feedback to your development and product lifecycles

Team Pain.png

Your own teams don’t talk to each other, and you wonder why your clients complain your products ‘aren’t right for them right now’

Your product team doesn’t talk to your project managers, and your client teams seem to always complain that their clients aren’t happy with the product you’re building. That’s probably because your teams don’t yet see the value of a continuous professional services cycle that understands pain, builds solutions, and listens to future pain that you organization can capitalize on.

Your implementation cycles are so long, even though the work done for each client isn’t that much different from client to client

Your implementation cycles take far too long, and your team is missing deadlines. Your client contacts go dark for weeks at a time, and that is affecting your revenue. That may be because you don’t have the right service model for your clients, or your team isn’t working on strategies for repeatable work.